The Mournland

After a narrow escape from the Watch, the party rendezvous with Viorr’s contact at the Crescent Moon Inn. Concerned by the attention that the party has drawn, the contact informs them that an operation is too dangerous and their information cannot be acted upon directly.

Undaunted, the party forges onward, heading back towards Metrol. After countless dreary hours, lost among the mists, they are challenged by a Cyran officer whose duty has refused death itself.

He and his undead soldiers refuse passage to anyone not on Cyran business and attack the foreign intruders, unbelieving of their claim that they are indeed Knights of Cyre. They escape the encounter, only to stumble upon the persistant patrol once again whilst lost in the mists. A hasty retreat carries the party away from the officers threats of vengeance.

As Metrol looms closer, the party encounter the tracks of a caravan upon the desiccated plains. A combination of Olei’s tracking skills and ranger magic reveal a procession of warforged guarding warforged and human prisoners. Strangely, the warforged’s sigils have been replaced by Khyber dragonshards.

The party, now within view of the walls of Metrol, send Circe forward to scout the city. Hidden amongst the fallen buildings, she spies a keep strangely untouched by the destruction surrounding her. The keep is filled with warforged soldiers with Khyber shards set into their brows and two warforged titans guard the central gate!

Avoiding the warforged scouts scouring the area, she uses her arcane skills to send prying eyes throughout the keep, save for a single, perhaps warded room. In the lower level, she sees a strange operation taking place whereby warforged and human slaves, chained each to a forge are affixing Khyber dragonshards to clearly unwilling captives.


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