Location: On a riverboat bound for Karrlakton, Date: Sypheros the 6th

After defeating the mighty worm, the party follow the new formed tunnel its trip to the surface created. A small, rough-hewn cavern greets them. Although it is abandoned, the image of a hobgoblin appears to taunt and threaten them amid a primitive shrine to Tiamat.

Pushing on towards Flamekeep, they experience firsthand the intolerance of the Knights of Thrane. Da-Xia’s casual insult nearly lands them in trouble, although her sweet words avoid an incident in the end.

At Flamekeep, the party accepts passage on a riverboat bound for Karrlakton.

Location: Starilaskur
A well deserved rest

After the frantic pace of the last few months, the party enjoys some well earned rest in Starilaskur.

Refreshed, and well equipped thanks to Channa, whose strange key revealed another schema hidden within Brawn’s breastplate, the party is prepared to sojourn into the Mournland at the behest of Oargev ir’Wynarn. They seek a chest containing treaties and accounts vital to the Prince’s cause amid rumors that Metrol, if it can be reached, is untouched by the blight that clings to Cyre.

Before their departure, that are confronted by a fearsome looking Orc warrior. They are somewhat surprised to find an urbane and intelligent half-orc inquisitive from Sharn hidden behind this gruff exterior. Kurt Karr’Aashta questioned the party at the behest of House Orien and Lyrander concerning their recent transportation disasters linked to the party. In exchange for their cooperation, and an agreement not to blow his fearsome cover story, Kurt agrees to look into the former Dark Lantern Lucan’s activities in the area.

In camp the night of their departure, a menacing rumbling wakes the party. In strange defiance of its usual habits and hunting grounds, a huge Purple Worm attacks!

Location: Brindol, Date: The 2nd of Rhaan

The heroes bring their captives to the ministrations of Viorr Maelek who confirms they were enspelled.

The heroes are given a place of honour in Argonth and an audience with King Boranel ir’Wynarn. He offers them each one boon for their great service to the realm and a medal of honour to be conferred on the morrow and returns them into the care of his steward Olec.

Killiar Arrowswift and his hunters bid the heroes farewell and good hunting before returning to the swampy home lands of the Tiri-Kitor.

Location: Brindol, the Cathedral, Date: Sar the 1st of Rhaan

Amidst the swirling fire and destruction of the battle the party stand firm against the final charge of the mighty Warlord Kharn, defending Brindol’s luminaries ensconced within the Cathedral.

As the first fingers of dawn stretch across the beleaguered city, mighty war horns pierce the night. Argonath crushes the Red Hand’s flank. The famed Brelish bear calvary hammer the disorganized horde against the anvil of Brindol’s walls. With their leaders fallen, the horde breaks in disarray.

Hard after the battle, Oargev makes known to the party his dark suspicions. Although Jarmaath was said to have fallen to an assassin’s arrow, no blood marked the corpse. Oargev confined within the Cathedral the three councilors known to be at Jarmaath’s side when he fell under a pretext of protection. He entreats the party to find the truth of the matter.

The party briefly attempt to question Immerstal the Red, Norro Wiston and Captain Sorranna. Norro Wiston protests their treatment and demands release. Denied such, he seeks to flee and the others attack as though ensorcelled. A brief struggle sees the escape of Norro through magic and the capture of the remaining two.

Location: Brindol, Date: Sar the 1st of Rhaan
The long night continues...

The party manage to hold the breach against all comers, with Brawn blunting the attack of bugbear zealots by hacking their deadly axes apart.

No sooner is the danger in one place quelled than it flares up in another. Responding to a desperate plea by Lord Jarmaath, the party confronts Abrithiax, a large red dragon intent on burning Brindol to the ground. Taunted by Brawn’s display of the grisly remains of Tiamat, Abrithiax joins the battle on the ground. Cursed into inaction by Da-xia and ignominiously mounted from behind by Olei, the drake is soon felled.

News reaches the party that Lord Jarmaath has been slain by an assassin, who has hidden in a building nearby the central square, where the Red Horde mounts for a final offensive on the Cathedral. Oargev steps up to organize a final defence while the party defeats two black robed assassins whose bodies mysteriously vanish in a swirl of red smoke upon their defeat.

Location: Brindol, Date: Sar the 1st of Rhaan
Brindol Beseiged!

Returning to Brindol, the party are met by Killiar Arrowswift and led into town. Despite plans to the contrary, the Cyran contingent has been placed outside the walls to meet the horde of the Red Hand head on. Oargev beseeches the party to intervene on his behalf in council and to end his suicide stand.

The party is lead to the council chamber by Norro Wiston. Despite a plea by Da-Xia, Jarmaath refuses to order the Cyran’s withdrawal. A swift plan is made and the party agrees to aid the city by acting as a mobile strike force, joining in telepathic link with Jarmaath and Immerstal the Red, a powerful artificer.

The handily dispatch a group of giants assailing the walls as living catapults. No sooner done than they are summoned to defend a breach in the walls. Thinking swiftly, Da-Xia tricks the guards at the gate, ordering the the Cyrans within the walls ostensibly on orders from Jarmaath, a move doubtless saving much unnecessary bloodshed. A desperate battle now continues as the streets run red and the heros struggle to contain the breach…

Location: The Fane of Tiamat, Date: Far the 27th, Barrakas 998

The Fane of Tiamat. Fortress of Azarr Kul, carved within the Seven Caves, sequestered among the Wyrmsmoke mountains. The party has narrowly defeated the High Wyrmlord, a powerful cleric of Tiamat. Not before he was able to summon an aspect of Tiamat to this realm. The parrty once again prevailed against the odds, although at great cost.

Even now, the Horde of the Red Hand marches on Brindol.

Ghostlord's response to your sending

A red fist encircles me. Return it to me and the enemy of your enemy shall be your friend, cross me and know eternal suffering.

The Prophecy as revealed by Whedaus Lorsvek

…when flaming cloud to earth alights,
from sky adorned by day and night
the seer, the darkness, the blade of light
join the heroes path to ancient ruler’s fallen might…

…when blood of scions splits the stone,
red hands shall clutch a bloody throne…

…dragon’s get, an iron heart points to the Battleground which sits apart…

Koranberg Chronicle

Sky pirates strike above Sterngate

The Lyrander airship Cloud’s Destiny plummeted to the ground aflame after an attack by unknown forces on Sar 14. Nolor Jint, her pilot, reports, “It’s no wonder, what with that band of adventurers jumping aboard in the night, claiming passage on Aundarian credit no less, and the captain taking aboard those savages from Xen’drik! I knew they were all trouble from the get go!” Witnesses claim the diverse band of adventurer’s included a Warforged, a shifter, a Halfling, a human, and an elf.
No formal charges have been made, however, sources within House Lyrander suggest that Tharashk Inquisitives have been dispatched to investigate.

Unscheduled Stop

House Orien is apologizing to lightning rail passengers attacked north of Vathirond and are offering a refund of their fare as well as free passage to anywhere the lightning rail travels. Warforged bandits attacked and stopped the train on Sar 16. Witnesses claim an unknown, yet culturally diverse, band of adventurers defeated them then dashed off into the wilderness on their horses. Officials will not comment further but assure passengers that additional steps are being taken to protect their safety. The conductor’s parting words, “Thank the Seven those adventurer’s were here. We thought the worst of their strange behaviour at first but they were real heroes!”


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