Ghostlord's response to your sending

A red fist encircles me. Return it to me and the enemy of your enemy shall be your friend, cross me and know eternal suffering.

The Prophecy as revealed by Whedaus Lorsvek

…when flaming cloud to earth alights,
from sky adorned by day and night
the seer, the darkness, the blade of light
join the heroes path to ancient ruler’s fallen might…

…when blood of scions splits the stone,
red hands shall clutch a bloody throne…

…dragon’s get, an iron heart points to the Battleground which sits apart…

Koranberg Chronicle

Sky pirates strike above Sterngate

The Lyrander airship Cloud’s Destiny plummeted to the ground aflame after an attack by unknown forces on Sar 14. Nolor Jint, her pilot, reports, “It’s no wonder, what with that band of adventurers jumping aboard in the night, claiming passage on Aundarian credit no less, and the captain taking aboard those savages from Xen’drik! I knew they were all trouble from the get go!” Witnesses claim the diverse band of adventurer’s included a Warforged, a shifter, a Halfling, a human, and an elf.
No formal charges have been made, however, sources within House Lyrander suggest that Tharashk Inquisitives have been dispatched to investigate.

Unscheduled Stop

House Orien is apologizing to lightning rail passengers attacked north of Vathirond and are offering a refund of their fare as well as free passage to anywhere the lightning rail travels. Warforged bandits attacked and stopped the train on Sar 16. Witnesses claim an unknown, yet culturally diverse, band of adventurers defeated them then dashed off into the wilderness on their horses. Officials will not comment further but assure passengers that additional steps are being taken to protect their safety. The conductor’s parting words, “Thank the Seven those adventurer’s were here. We thought the worst of their strange behaviour at first but they were real heroes!”


While preparing for your decent into abandoned Whitehearth you witness something incredible. The cloying dead grey mist you had thought well behind you suddenly sweeps through the cave towards you with the fury of a hurricane. With no time to think you brace for an impact that never comes. Instead the mists seem to drown you in a solid, silver sea. The sounds of the world fade away and the rush of blood in your ears becomes a thundering torrent. You feel strangely disconnected, as though your real self were far away in some distant land trying feebly to force your body through a resilient universe suddenly devoid of its animating spirit. Powerlessly you rail against this strange sensation, marshaling all your will but failing to act, suspended in the timeless argent void for what seems like an eternity. Finally, stripped of its ability to act, your mind escapes in dream to Dal Quor. What transpired in that fluid realm stays with you only in wisps of sensation and hints of meaning flavoured by the overwhelming tang of desire. You strained forward, yearning for something just beyond your reach, something wonderful…

You stumble forward slightly, your senses returned, as the mist recedes. Your torches have barely burned and the seeming ages were but moments. Strangely, you find a treasure wrenched from the heart of Dal Quor clutched covetously in your hands.

Each player who attended last session may select one or more magical items whose total value does not exceed 4000GP. Please e-mail your selection(s) to me for final approval. If it is not from the DMG then please also include the supplement it came from and page reference.

Far the 13th, Nymm 998

The following occurred on the final night of the voyage from Breland to Darguun. Olei and Evelina (and Brawn) were tossing the remaining bones from the skeletal remains into the water when an extraordinary thing happened. A conversation.

Bloom – “You know…the Changegate sounds pretty scary. I mean, it all sounds kind of scary to me right now Olei. Braelan and I always fantasized about becoming adventurers, and I guess now that we are it’s kind of freaky you know. Like, take that warforge. He shot me! I didn’t think I’d get shot!”


“Oh well, as the Dwarves say ‘Jeerun os Keerun’. Ah, besides, I always wondered what one of those healing potions tasted like. I really have to talk to Kael about maybe a hint of anise, that would be nice.”


“So…Olei, we aren’t exactly the heroic band of Shifters you came to Sharn looking for. Why are you with us?”

Olei -“The Changegate is the path to Khyber. You should be scared.”


“As to why I chose you. You are the way of the people, as I am the way of the forest. As I am of the forest, I am not of the people.”

Brawn tosses bones over the side.

“I sensed something special in you Olei. You are a poet. How wonderful!” Evelina strums three chords on her lute. “You inspired me, my thoughtful companion.”

Evelina smiles, slings her lute back over her shoulder (not the one where she was shot, for it has not completely healed yet), and places her hand on Olei’s. “Do you need me to bring more people with us to the Reaches? Is that the meaning of your subtle riddle”?

“No I am capable of enlisting the aid of the true defenders. But I am in need of guidance in the urban environment. For that, I am as you have plainly seen, willing to defend with my life.” Olei pulls his hand back and pounces towards the side of the boat to look up at the night sky. He wonders where the Realm that is Madness, known to most as Xoriat, is in the astral plane beyond tonight.

With a snarl that bares teeth that are inhumanly sharp. " I am willing to do what I need to to protect the seals that prevent the insanity and destruction that lurks in the Realm of Xoriat!"

Brawn, now the only one working, throws more bones over the side. “We may want to hire some help then, Bloom. We seem to attract a lot of attention and I can not kill everything.”

tosses the last skull over the side

“Poetic and passionate! Olei, you are definitely the company I’ve been looking for since I arrived in the city. Now, here we are off on our second adventure. You make me want to race off to the Mournland, scoop up that schema and get back to the library at Morgrave. I really must learn more about these Realms that pose such a great threat. What luck to have met a shifter from the Eldeen Reaches!”

Evelina glides over to Olei and plays softly as she speaks. Unconsciously, her music matches the pacing and tone of her speech.

“My house, Jorlanna d’Cannith’s house, has always had fruitful relations with the druids. You have probably met members of my house before. Actually, one of the girls, a house entertainer like myself, has traveled twice to the Reaches to help the Wardens of the Wood. Isn’t that something! I hear they are noble protectors of wildlife and that is very important because so much was lost during the Last War. I actually wrote a paper on it for my history class; not to mention they teach us a lot about other cultures in Fairhaven. But anyways, the girl from my House, the one I just mentioned, she has learned a really special kind of song that regenerates plant life and then one of the druids makes her effects permanent. In exchange, the Wardens allow my house members, Jorlanna d’Cannith’s house members, to study … come to think of it I believe that they were studying a gate! Maybe it’s the Changegate!”

Evelina finds herself wondering for the first time – and this is important because she is not one to believe in fate, as she firmly believes that she controls her own destiny by virtue or her many talents and education – if there are more complex forces at work.

“It seems chance has brought us together wild one.”

Evelina, who has become fascinated by Olie’s sudden departures into meditation during conversation, nevertheless appreciates these moments she has with him and somehow feels as if he has bestowed a rare privilege on her.

Taking Olie’s cue, she pivots lightly on her feet and departs for her quarters. Her gentle humming lingers in the twilight causing even Brawn to sheathe his weapon for a few moments before realizing that she has already rounded the starboard corner of the deck.


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