Whaedus Lorsvek

The Dark Prophet


Gargantuan Black Dragon

Known Allies: Kear, Thurkear Known Enemies: Dragons of Argonessen
First Encountered: An ancient ziggurat in the Thrane wilderness Last Known Location: Unknown

Exiled from Argonessen millennia ago by the Eyes of Chronepsis, Whaedus Lorsvek has resided these long years deep underneath the jungles of Xen’drik. Blinded in punishment or battle, no one is sure, her mind has awakened to the darkness. Just as Siberys is bother to Khyber, so too does Whaedus Lorsvek claim another Draconic Prophecy, a Dark Prophecy, moves beneath the light. She fears that the Lords of Dust are not so blind as the scions of Argonessen. For seeking to peer into this Dark Prophecy in the hopes of thwarting them, she was cast out disgraced.

Once thought of as the most gifted seer of her era, Whaedus Lorsvek tastes of many futures. Allying herself with the Drow, she dares to look into the shadows in hopes of finding the light.

Whaedus Lorsvek

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