Evelina "Bloom" Everfield


Human female, Bard


Two years have passed since the signing of the Treaty Of Thronehold. Four years have passed since
the Day of Mourning, when Cyre was obliterated by the explosion of the great forge. Although peace
and stability (at least in terms of the absence of marching armies and burning cities) has flourished in
Khorvaire, it is a time of great reorganization within the House Cannith, both economically and politically.
Reorganization is not a simple matter when vast fortunes and power are involved for the individuals and
families who find themselves within a hierarchy that seems to operate on a ‘sliding-scale’.

Despite the devastating loss of the great forge and the end of the war that brought into question the
economic future of House Cannith, equally urgent was the question of who would fill the leadership
vacuum created by the death of Starrin d’Cannith who perished at Cyre. One of the contenders for
the ‘dominant head of the gorgon’ is Jorlanna d’Cannith.

Jorlanna d’Cannith is a proud, attractive woman in her
fifties. She is far closer to the age of a proper matriarch then Merrix. Her claim is
stronger too, as the daughter of Starrin’s second wife, Elsabet . Regardless, Jorlanna d’Cannith is considered least likely to attain the title. She has a strong vision for a united house, allies among the Twelve, and the personal magnetism to lead, but the Cannith elders distrust her judgment. In her youth, Jorlanna engaged in a scandalous romance with an heir of House Denneith. Both families put a stop to it once they became aware of
the relationship, and the lovers disappeared from public view for over one year. It
was rumored that Jorlanna bore a child during her time away – product of a coupling
forbidden after the War of the Mark. However, when she finally resumed public life she
did so alone. Today, whispered rumors of her indiscretion haunt her, and critics use them
as porrf of her lack of judgment where the good of the house is concerned. (Eberron:
Dragonmarked, p.18)

Indeed, Jorlanna did bear a child, a son. The boy, who was named Tyric by Jorlanna, was quickly spirited
away by Jorlanna’s father who could not ‘resist’ the pleas of his daughter and wife to protect the child
from certain death (after all the House needs to protect its reputation). It was assumed by the House that
Jorlanna’s father suffocated the child, as he did present a corpse to the elders of the House. It was assumed
by Jorlanna and her mother that he smuggled Tyric to the Eldeen Reaches to be raised by the merciful
druids. However, neither assumption was accurate.

Jorlanna’s father, an artificer himself, took Tyric to Cyre and called upon a friend to raise the boy as his
own and to never reveal the true circumstance of Tyric’s arrival. Loyalty among the Dragonmarked Houses
can be fairly fluid at best. But certain oaths, particularly those of a magical nature, between friends can be
more solid than the great Dwarven Holds of Mror. Tyric’s adoptive family renamed him Jorran Everfield
(d’ Cannith). Jorran excelled as an artificer in Cyre, like his adoptive father and natural grandfather. He
became a valuable artificer for the House and constructed many warforged. Jorran cared greatly for his
creations and even imbued many of his warforges with a greater sense of ethics than other artificers. A
personal favourite of his was a war forge named Brawn.

Moving backwards in history, when Jorran was an apprentice artificer, he visited Aundair as a guest (due to
his dedication to the art and recognition by certain veterans) to a meeting of masters. He stayed at a luxury
House Inn where a striking woman in her thirties named Jorlanna was toasting the arrival of the guests and
announcing that the evening of arrival belonged to her guests. Before long a host of bards and entertainers
filled the great hall and at the end of the night Jorran had fallen for a young and eager bard named Floret.
They spent the night together and Jorran returned more inspired than ever to Cyre after the meeting had
ended. One notable master he had met was an old artificer introduced by Jorlanna to Jorran as the forger
of hearts, from whom Jorran drew his ethical commitment in later years when creating his warforges (in
particular the one named Brawn).

On the day of Mourning, only hours before the roaring arcane fires had consumed the locale, Jorran’s
father had returned from Sharn with important news following a meeting with a wizard friend. The wizard
was a seer. The wizard had detected a magical aura surrounding Jorran’s father. Well, of course he would,
Jorran’s father lived in Cyre where magic was tooled all day and night and you literally had to wash it off

at the end of the day. But the wizard told Jorran’s father that the aura was different. The wizard intervened
and Jorran’s father remembered ‘some things’ regarding Jorran. The wizard then employed some other
powerful seer magic and more was revealed. Jorran’s father raced back home to Cyre on the lightning rail.

“Jorran, you are and always will be my son. But I am not your natural father, and
your mother did not bare you. Your name was Tyric and you are the son of Jorlanna
d’Cannith. The old artificer you speak so fondly of is your grandfather. He was a friend
of mine a long time ago. I have been misled as you have…”

“Father, I don’t know what to say.”

“There is more. The seer’s magic revealed that our lives are in danger and death may be
at hand. But not only our lives. Also that of my granddaughter, your daughter.”


“Her mother’s name is Estella d’Cannith. You met her sometime in Aundair?”


“Her daughter is Evelina Everfield. Her mother gave her your name. She is adept with
magic like you and artistic like her mother. She will become very powerful. Her life
will be in grave danger, but it is unclear why and when. Perhaps the House will learn
of her existence and seek to protect their reputation or others will exploit her existence
for political purposes, I do not know and have had only the time on the rail to ponder.
However, it seems that our lives are in immediate danger my son…”

“I will send Brawn immediately to find Evelina. He will protect her and I will prepare
to find her. I will leave Cyre tomorrow. I love you father. We must prepare to leave at

Jorran sent for Brawn. Brawn left on his quest to find and protect Evelina. He loved his creator. His creator
had another creation that was in danger. He would protect Evelina out of love for his creator. Before his
departure, Jorran infused his brief conversation with his father into Brawn’s memory with the help of a
strange device.

Four hours later, as Jorran and his father were making their preparations…part of the seers vision became

Evelina, who is known in Sharn as Bloom, has been living in Sharn for the last year. She lives in a hostel
for young House Cannith members who come from different regions to gain knowledge or practice for
their respective skills. She currently attends Morgrave university where she has made a friend of Brealan
Sloop in historical studies. From the beginning, Bloom insisted that Brealan teach her how to use a rapier.
Although her skill pales in comparison to his, she is learning, and so is he…

On her downtime Bloom performs regularly at the Ten Torches where she has become somewhat of a
favourite, particularly among males, and peculiarly among the dwarves. She has recently performed at
Gailan’s as well, and received a warm reception. It is required by House Cannith entertainers to diversify
their skills and seek experience outside of the regular galas hosted by the House. When she turns eighteen
and completes her studies for the year at Morgrave, she will be required to return to Aundair, where House
Cannith West is located, and fulfill her role as economic facilitator and political persuader for the House.
Full-time entertainer and companion for those who come for serious business and choose her. She is very

Evelina is uncertain what she will do when it is time to return. Even the fact that she is uncertain has taken

her by surprise. But then again, so has her friendship with the half-elf Brealan and his dreams of adventure,
which are becoming hers as well.

Where does Evelina’s future lie? She does not know, but she does know that a warforge has been following
her lately. This warforge is small in comparison, but she doubts it is it’s appreciation of her singing and
playing or mere coincidence that it appears in the crowd of every gig.

Evelina "Bloom" Everfield

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