To be added to adventure log:  The coastal cities around the island of Thronehold are the places from which the prisoners of the Mournland keep in Metrol were kidnapped from.  The people we released from the forges told us they were grateful and promised us goats and a couch a sleep on haha... not that there are couches.  The same prisoners told us that after the Khyber dragon shards were put into the warforged prisoners, the warforged became different and willing to serve their former captors.

   Da-xia's ship is docked at Sharn. She has permission from the King Boranel ir'Wynarn to enforce the law's of Breland on the sea.  

        In Aerenal, a place long inhabited by elves, lived the mercenaries Belhorn

Forgedown and Krissella Mist-Hood.  During the Last War, they were recruited, along with 

others, by the beleaguered rulers of Cyre.  They traveled to Khorvaire with these rulers to 

commence fifty years of service to Cyre.  After this time, Belhorn and Krissella banded

together with their mercenary kin to claim a portion of the land in Cyre, calling it Valenar.

Before this time, Krissella and Belhorn had joined together in a torrid affair, producing a

female child.

	Because of the adventurous nature of her parents,the child was extremely undaunted

and curious, always running through the vast landscape of Valenar in search of some new

place or item to scrutinize and cavort with.  As she grew older, she turned the direction of

her venturesome nature to studies of wizardry, spending countless hours trying to find

 uncommon books and pages of spells.  The results exhilarated her! 

	When she wasn't poring over her spellbooks,  she was practicing relentlessly with the

longsword she received as a gift from her mother at the age of 30.  She was so diligent in

her endeavor, she gained a respectable fighting prowess that was acknowledged in her

community by the age of 100.   When she reached adulthood at the age of 120, she chose

for herself the name Da-xia, meaning long summer. 

	Growing bored by her life in Valenar, Da-xia set off for adventure at the tender age

 of 150.


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