Servant of Shadows


Known to be associated with the Lords of Dust.


Ashur rules an oasis of splendor in the fallen remains of Metrol. Here, he is gathering a force of Warforged servants, and “…freeing them of the imperfections of Draconic hubris”. Precisely what this mean is unclear, but the Khyber dragonshards that have replaced their personal sigils were not willingly adopted…

Research at the library in Morgrave University suggests that Ashur is one of the Claws of Khyber, agents of the Lords of Dust spread throughout Eberron. Liitle is certain but the name Ashur shows up several times alongside that of Mordakhesh, the Black Blade. Mordakhesh was a mighty general in the First Age and serves the Overlord Rak Tulkhesh, hoping to free him by bathing the world in bloody conflict.


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