Troubled Waters!

Beset by 3 drakes, the party’s small craft is overturned and sinks into the lake. After a pitched battle, the crew and party swim ashore to the isle of Thronehold. Mithras Deneith escorts them to port and they take ship to Karrlakton.

From there the party ranges overland towards the Mourneland. Before their journey’s end, however, a scrying sensor is detected. Channa prepares a scroll to detect their foe and the following night the party catches a glimpse of a hobgoblin spying on them. A headlong chase through darkened woods finds the party face to face with their well hidden hobgoblin pursuer and his centaur guardians.

In the face of the menacing mountain of steel known as Brawn, the captive caves, revealing much and more. An agent of the Cabinet of Shadows, he has been harrying the party with charmed monsters, attempting to incite the flames of war again between the followers of Tiamat and Breland. They further learn that the spy will make contact with the Cabinet again in one months time at the Iron Shoe Inn in Karlaakton. The agent will use the phrase, ’Taimat’s light shines eternal" to identify themselves.

The party head back towards Karlaakton, hoping to send the captive back to Viorr Maelek somehow.


MarcusMorrisey MarcusMorrisey

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