Trouble in Karrlakton

Disturbed by the the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of their prisoner, the party return to Karrlakton to find a representative of House Sivis to incant a sending to Viorr Maelek.

Having received their response, the party begin searching Karrlakton for rumors of any large purchases of magical goods in the hopes of catching their quarry resupplying. They receive s tip from a local shop owner that a merchant spent a great deal of money and had taken the top floor of a local inn. In an well thought out move, they close upon the magic shop, relying on Olei’s razor sharp shifter senses to identify their unknown assailant through any disguise. Upon their return in full force, however, a new face greets them along with the smell of blood!

At a call from the shop-keep, three Wood Golems turn on the party and the strangely behaving storekeeper. They beat the shop-keep within an inch of life and trash the store before finally being reduced to ash and kindling.


MarcusMorrisey MarcusMorrisey

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