The Changegate

With a stop in Sharn to resupply and gather what information they can, the party follow Olei Wolfstride deep into his forest home of the Eldeen Reaches. True to her word, Jorlanna d’Cannith supplies the party 3 mighty Iron Golems to help defend the Changegate.

She also returns a copy of the Forger of Heart’s translated lab manual. Much of it is concerned with arcane formula and protocols. Most interesting perhaps, are a set of direction to the ruins of the Giant city of Knaloss, wherein the forger claims he learned his mightiest (but unnamed) secrets. Whatever else he learned there, it’s clear that he brought back several ancient schemas. Fearing an unknown betrayal, the Forger finally hid these schemas in the bodies of his greatest Warforged, Magnus and Brawn.

Talos, Moonspeaker of Olei’s tribe greets him and his companions warmly but is surprised to find they do not have the purified ritual book. A swift discussion and soon it is revealed that another band, disguised as Olei and companions, has already been here and taken the book.

The party pick up the trail and track the impostors to a secluded glade, where, for reason unknown they seem to be copying the book. The party leap into action, slaying many and scattering the group. The bodies, however, transform as they die, revealing their foes as Rakshasa!


MarcusMorrisey MarcusMorrisey

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