Starsong HIll

Upon the party’s return to New Cyre, Oargev ir’Wynarn searches quickly through the retrieved chest. Seemingly satisfied with its contents, the prince invites the party to dinner.

In the interim, the party confront Listris with Ashur’s accusations. Swearing the party to secrecy, Listris reveals a secret unknown even to his own prince; he was sent to the service of house ir’Wynarn more than a century before, awaiting the culmination of events surrounding his prince by the Chamber. This enclave of dragons and their servants monitor the unfolding of the prophecy among the lesser races in secret. Listris shares with the party his concerns that Oargev may be following a path towards war.

That evening, at dinner, the prince asks another service of the party: to carry a secret missive to the Tiri Kitor. En route, the party is unsuccessfully ambushed by what appear to be remnants of the Horde of the Red Hand while the lizard folk of the swamp maintain a more respectful distance.

Upon arrival at Starsong Hill, the party are greeted as allies and heroes. However, by bearing the message the party are bound to act as emissaries in a marriage pact brokered a generation ago to wed Sellyria Starsinger and Oargev. Killiar Arrowswift, chief hunter of the Tiri Kitor, voices the obvious anger of many in the clan and challenges the party to pay the bride price. As demanded by ancient elven tradtion, the party must retrieve the legendary Blade of Taladan or face dishonor and the anullment of the agreement.

Accepting the task, the party return and consult with Listris and the prince. The prince thanks the party for their leal service, claiming ignorance of these traditions yet offereing to reward them mightily should they succeed. Listris, however, reveals that Oargev has studied Elven marriage customs recently and in some detail. Listris is concerned that there may be some connection with the Lords of Dust, albeit indirectly, and they may be influencing the prince down a dark path. His research suggests that there may be some insight into the Prophecy on this matter if only he could find a scrap of the Caldyn Fragments. He offers to introduce the party to a correspondent of his in Xen’Drik who may be of assistance to them in this matter, a drow named Chakos.

The heroes depart for Sharn to seek information and resupply.

Starsong Hill

Sellyria Starsinger

Killiar Arrowswift

Trellara Nightshadow


Blade of Taladan last heard of in Zendrick

Starsong HIll
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