Location: Starilaskur

A well deserved rest

After the frantic pace of the last few months, the party enjoys some well earned rest in Starilaskur.

Refreshed, and well equipped thanks to Channa, whose strange key revealed another schema hidden within Brawn’s breastplate, the party is prepared to sojourn into the Mournland at the behest of Oargev ir’Wynarn. They seek a chest containing treaties and accounts vital to the Prince’s cause amid rumors that Metrol, if it can be reached, is untouched by the blight that clings to Cyre.

Before their departure, that are confronted by a fearsome looking Orc warrior. They are somewhat surprised to find an urbane and intelligent half-orc inquisitive from Sharn hidden behind this gruff exterior. Kurt Karr’Aashta questioned the party at the behest of House Orien and Lyrander concerning their recent transportation disasters linked to the party. In exchange for their cooperation, and an agreement not to blow his fearsome cover story, Kurt agrees to look into the former Dark Lantern Lucan’s activities in the area.

In camp the night of their departure, a menacing rumbling wakes the party. In strange defiance of its usual habits and hunting grounds, a huge Purple Worm attacks!


MarcusMorrisey MarcusMorrisey

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