Closing the Changegate

Beset by the hordes of Xoriat, the party struggles against bodies deformed by the very edge of madness. From eye tyrants to dolgauants they came, crashing through the portal in waves, lashing tendrils of madness oozing around them. Until finally, a chilling silence frosted the portal and a mighty Ice Linnorm emerged.

His hoary breath freezing two of the brave, changeling Moon-Speakers struggling to incant the words which would reseal the bonds. Olei’s brave wolf companion fell during the combat. Circe and Brawn, although gravely injured, escaped death’s door.

Now a silence falls on the woods, almost as if nature itself awaits a return to sanity. Slowly, the forest creatures seem to come awake, as the tribes begin to gather in twilight…


MarcusMorrisey MarcusMorrisey

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