A disturbing note...

I promise, I shall see you again. You, however, shall never see me. I am everyone and no one. I am the humblest peasant and the greatest lord. I shall walk beside you and amongst you and yet you will never know. Until the day I reap my vengeance.

I leave you with this thought. If I could escape at any time, of what use is the information I gave you?


Sending to Viorr

Had hostile shape changer with claims of war on Breland vs Tiamat, captive escaped. Cabinet of shadows. Meet in Kaarlakton in one month. Iron Shoe Inn.

Stay put. Talk to no one. Meet at Crescent Moon at midday tomorrow. Ask for the shellfish bisque, very spicy. Expect response, “Get the beef instead”.

A disturbing note...
MarcusMorrisey MarcusMorrisey

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