Closing the Changegate

Beset by the hordes of Xoriat, the party struggles against bodies deformed by the very edge of madness. From eye tyrants to dolgauants they came, crashing through the portal in waves, lashing tendrils of madness oozing around them. Until finally, a chilling silence frosted the portal and a mighty Ice Linnorm emerged.

His hoary breath freezing two of the brave, changeling Moon-Speakers struggling to incant the words which would reseal the bonds. Olei’s brave wolf companion fell during the combat. Circe and Brawn, although gravely injured, escaped death’s door.

Now a silence falls on the woods, almost as if nature itself awaits a return to sanity. Slowly, the forest creatures seem to come awake, as the tribes begin to gather in twilight…

The Changegate

With a stop in Sharn to resupply and gather what information they can, the party follow Olei Wolfstride deep into his forest home of the Eldeen Reaches. True to her word, Jorlanna d’Cannith supplies the party 3 mighty Iron Golems to help defend the Changegate.

She also returns a copy of the Forger of Heart’s translated lab manual. Much of it is concerned with arcane formula and protocols. Most interesting perhaps, are a set of direction to the ruins of the Giant city of Knaloss, wherein the forger claims he learned his mightiest (but unnamed) secrets. Whatever else he learned there, it’s clear that he brought back several ancient schemas. Fearing an unknown betrayal, the Forger finally hid these schemas in the bodies of his greatest Warforged, Magnus and Brawn.

Talos, Moonspeaker of Olei’s tribe greets him and his companions warmly but is surprised to find they do not have the purified ritual book. A swift discussion and soon it is revealed that another band, disguised as Olei and companions, has already been here and taken the book.

The party pick up the trail and track the impostors to a secluded glade, where, for reason unknown they seem to be copying the book. The party leap into action, slaying many and scattering the group. The bodies, however, transform as they die, revealing their foes as Rakshasa!

Starsong HIll

Upon the party’s return to New Cyre, Oargev ir’Wynarn searches quickly through the retrieved chest. Seemingly satisfied with its contents, the prince invites the party to dinner.

In the interim, the party confront Listris with Ashur’s accusations. Swearing the party to secrecy, Listris reveals a secret unknown even to his own prince; he was sent to the service of house ir’Wynarn more than a century before, awaiting the culmination of events surrounding his prince by the Chamber. This enclave of dragons and their servants monitor the unfolding of the prophecy among the lesser races in secret. Listris shares with the party his concerns that Oargev may be following a path towards war.

That evening, at dinner, the prince asks another service of the party: to carry a secret missive to the Tiri Kitor. En route, the party is unsuccessfully ambushed by what appear to be remnants of the Horde of the Red Hand while the lizard folk of the swamp maintain a more respectful distance.

Upon arrival at Starsong Hill, the party are greeted as allies and heroes. However, by bearing the message the party are bound to act as emissaries in a marriage pact brokered a generation ago to wed Sellyria Starsinger and Oargev. Killiar Arrowswift, chief hunter of the Tiri Kitor, voices the obvious anger of many in the clan and challenges the party to pay the bride price. As demanded by ancient elven tradtion, the party must retrieve the legendary Blade of Taladan or face dishonor and the anullment of the agreement.

Accepting the task, the party return and consult with Listris and the prince. The prince thanks the party for their leal service, claiming ignorance of these traditions yet offereing to reward them mightily should they succeed. Listris, however, reveals that Oargev has studied Elven marriage customs recently and in some detail. Listris is concerned that there may be some connection with the Lords of Dust, albeit indirectly, and they may be influencing the prince down a dark path. His research suggests that there may be some insight into the Prophecy on this matter if only he could find a scrap of the Caldyn Fragments. He offers to introduce the party to a correspondent of his in Xen’Drik who may be of assistance to them in this matter, a drow named Chakos.

The heroes depart for Sharn to seek information and resupply.

Starsong Hill

Sellyria Starsinger

Killiar Arrowswift

Trellara Nightshadow

Success by negotiation

The party mount an offensive on the strange keep, teleporting into the lower levels and beginning to free the slaves. After a pitched battle with the exceedingly resilient Warforged, their leader Ashur makes the party an offer. In return for their departure he frees the captives and hands them the chest they seek. Ashur claims the party are being used by the dragons through their agent, Listris.

The party embark on the slow task of returning the captives to civilization. A small band of Warforged take their leave swearing revenge on Ashur and inviting Brawn to cast aside the weak flesh he serves.

The Mournland

After a narrow escape from the Watch, the party rendezvous with Viorr’s contact at the Crescent Moon Inn. Concerned by the attention that the party has drawn, the contact informs them that an operation is too dangerous and their information cannot be acted upon directly.

Undaunted, the party forges onward, heading back towards Metrol. After countless dreary hours, lost among the mists, they are challenged by a Cyran officer whose duty has refused death itself.

He and his undead soldiers refuse passage to anyone not on Cyran business and attack the foreign intruders, unbelieving of their claim that they are indeed Knights of Cyre. They escape the encounter, only to stumble upon the persistant patrol once again whilst lost in the mists. A hasty retreat carries the party away from the officers threats of vengeance.

As Metrol looms closer, the party encounter the tracks of a caravan upon the desiccated plains. A combination of Olei’s tracking skills and ranger magic reveal a procession of warforged guarding warforged and human prisoners. Strangely, the warforged’s sigils have been replaced by Khyber dragonshards.

The party, now within view of the walls of Metrol, send Circe forward to scout the city. Hidden amongst the fallen buildings, she spies a keep strangely untouched by the destruction surrounding her. The keep is filled with warforged soldiers with Khyber shards set into their brows and two warforged titans guard the central gate!

Avoiding the warforged scouts scouring the area, she uses her arcane skills to send prying eyes throughout the keep, save for a single, perhaps warded room. In the lower level, she sees a strange operation taking place whereby warforged and human slaves, chained each to a forge are affixing Khyber dragonshards to clearly unwilling captives.

Trouble in Karrlakton

Disturbed by the the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of their prisoner, the party return to Karrlakton to find a representative of House Sivis to incant a sending to Viorr Maelek.

Having received their response, the party begin searching Karrlakton for rumors of any large purchases of magical goods in the hopes of catching their quarry resupplying. They receive s tip from a local shop owner that a merchant spent a great deal of money and had taken the top floor of a local inn. In an well thought out move, they close upon the magic shop, relying on Olei’s razor sharp shifter senses to identify their unknown assailant through any disguise. Upon their return in full force, however, a new face greets them along with the smell of blood!

At a call from the shop-keep, three Wood Golems turn on the party and the strangely behaving storekeeper. They beat the shop-keep within an inch of life and trash the store before finally being reduced to ash and kindling.

A disturbing note...

I promise, I shall see you again. You, however, shall never see me. I am everyone and no one. I am the humblest peasant and the greatest lord. I shall walk beside you and amongst you and yet you will never know. Until the day I reap my vengeance.

I leave you with this thought. If I could escape at any time, of what use is the information I gave you?

Troubled Waters!

Beset by 3 drakes, the party’s small craft is overturned and sinks into the lake. After a pitched battle, the crew and party swim ashore to the isle of Thronehold. Mithras Deneith escorts them to port and they take ship to Karrlakton.

From there the party ranges overland towards the Mourneland. Before their journey’s end, however, a scrying sensor is detected. Channa prepares a scroll to detect their foe and the following night the party catches a glimpse of a hobgoblin spying on them. A headlong chase through darkened woods finds the party face to face with their well hidden hobgoblin pursuer and his centaur guardians.

In the face of the menacing mountain of steel known as Brawn, the captive caves, revealing much and more. An agent of the Cabinet of Shadows, he has been harrying the party with charmed monsters, attempting to incite the flames of war again between the followers of Tiamat and Breland. They further learn that the spy will make contact with the Cabinet again in one months time at the Iron Shoe Inn in Karlaakton. The agent will use the phrase, ’Taimat’s light shines eternal" to identify themselves.

The party head back towards Karlaakton, hoping to send the captive back to Viorr Maelek somehow.

Location: On a riverboat bound for Karrlakton, Date: Sypheros the 6th

After defeating the mighty worm, the party follow the new formed tunnel its trip to the surface created. A small, rough-hewn cavern greets them. Although it is abandoned, the image of a hobgoblin appears to taunt and threaten them amid a primitive shrine to Tiamat.

Pushing on towards Flamekeep, they experience firsthand the intolerance of the Knights of Thrane. Da-Xia’s casual insult nearly lands them in trouble, although her sweet words avoid an incident in the end.

At Flamekeep, the party accepts passage on a riverboat bound for Karrlakton.

Location: Starilaskur
A well deserved rest

After the frantic pace of the last few months, the party enjoys some well earned rest in Starilaskur.

Refreshed, and well equipped thanks to Channa, whose strange key revealed another schema hidden within Brawn’s breastplate, the party is prepared to sojourn into the Mournland at the behest of Oargev ir’Wynarn. They seek a chest containing treaties and accounts vital to the Prince’s cause amid rumors that Metrol, if it can be reached, is untouched by the blight that clings to Cyre.

Before their departure, that are confronted by a fearsome looking Orc warrior. They are somewhat surprised to find an urbane and intelligent half-orc inquisitive from Sharn hidden behind this gruff exterior. Kurt Karr’Aashta questioned the party at the behest of House Orien and Lyrander concerning their recent transportation disasters linked to the party. In exchange for their cooperation, and an agreement not to blow his fearsome cover story, Kurt agrees to look into the former Dark Lantern Lucan’s activities in the area.

In camp the night of their departure, a menacing rumbling wakes the party. In strange defiance of its usual habits and hunting grounds, a huge Purple Worm attacks!


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